Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company

Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company

Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company

When it comes to rooms in your house that give you the most return for your investment, oddly enough, a bathroom is one of the top. Next to the kitchen, upgrades that you make to your bathroom can not only help you sell faster, but can also give you your money back on the investment. And of course, it will make it more pleasant for you while living in your home. But with all that being said, none of it will be possible if you do not hire Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company.

But who is Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company? That would be Lyon Construction. Lyon Construction is a fully insured, residential and commercial construction company. And some of their best completed projects, have been bathroom remodels. Every project Lyon Construction completes is original, unique and everything that you could ever want.

The reason Lyon Construction has become Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company, is because they understand everything that goes into the process. And when it comes to this money-making remodel, there are plenty of things to know, before getting started. Just as a taste, if you were to do this remodel yourself, you would h

ave to know have to do plumbing, electrical work, drywalling and tiling, just to name a few. And if any of these items are not done correctly, you can be losing out on all the money-making opportunity. And not to mention, all the disasters that these can cause if not done right. So, when in doubt, just call in Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company.

Jobs Done by Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company

As we just said, there are plenty of steps and items that go into turning your old, warn out bathroom into a new, modern one. And luckily for you, Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company does them all!

Tulsa's #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, and improving your property and lifestyle value, having a construction company that can do it all in one fell swoop will help lower the stress level of the project. This includes the following steps and items:

  • Plumbing – Essential to the function of a bathroom, and needed even more if you are wanting to rearrange the layout of your bathroom, or create a new one out of an old, unused space. In addition to function, there are also certain rules and regulations that must be followed, depending on your property’s location. Instead of you having to learn all of them, hiring Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company will ensure everything is done correctly.
  • Electrical Work – Basically just as essential to plumbing, electrical is very much needed in your bathroom remodel. It could vary from a simple job of replacing lighting fixtures, to the much more complex job of running new lines and boxes. Just as plumbing, there are codes to follow, but that isn’t the only reason to fire Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company. If you are not very careful about electrical work, you can cause harm to yourself, and anyone present in the area.
  • Frame Work – If your bathroom remodel calls for any sort of taking down, or replacing of walls, floors or ceilings. Having someone that knows frame work will come in great handy. Frame work is what hold the space up, and keep all inhabitants safe from collapse. And you guessed it, there are rules and regulations for how to do frame work, as well.
  • Drywalling – In many cases, where old bathroom are remodeled, mildew or mold is found. If that is the case, the infected drywall must be replaces, following treatment to the area. If you are a lucky one, and none was found, drywalling is also needed when a space is rearranged, or repairs are needed.Tulsa's #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company
  • Tiling – It is a bathroom after all, and bathroom are known for their tiling. While it seems like it may be a straight forward process, it does get more difficult that the average do it yourselfer may thing. Whether it be what subfloor is used, what mortar you put down, and what grout is best. The variants pile up. Plus, it is so easy to get slightly off line, causing the whole floor to look off. But Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company is well experienced in all sort of bathroom issue possibilities, and they know how to get it right, the first time.
  • Installation and Cabinetry – A bathroom is not a bathroom without its specific fixtures, such as the toilet, sink, shower and tub. In addition, if you really want to maximize on possible profits, cabinetry is also very important. We have all watched HGTV, and everyone always comments on storage space. With Tulsa’s #1Bathroom Remodeling Company, everything will be installed correctly and in a manner that not only meets your specifications, but the room’s as well.
  • Specialty – And when you hire Lyon Construction, Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company, you are also getting their special skills in residential and commercial construction. Want to add a beautiful skylight into your new shower? Lyon Construction can do that. What about a picture window overlooking the garden? Done. When you hire Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company, you are getting everything they offer, in your bathroom remodel.

A Little About Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company

Lyon Construction was created by owner, Charles Lyon. And as a self-professed tech geek, Charles studies systems engineering at the University of Arizona, where he would work construction jobs during the summer. It was there that he discovered his passion for building, and what lead him to starting Lyon Construction.

Now, with 13 years of experience under his toolbelt, Charles has built Lyon Construction into Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company. It is the satisfaction of his customers, that he gives as the reason for the company’s rise. If you do not believe him, you can check out some of the completed projects, yourself.

And if you are ready to turn your old bathroom from. “Oh my..” into “OH My GOSH!” give Lyon Construction a call today. We can setup a consultation, where we will come to your space, see what we are working with, discuss what you are wanting, and advise you on how we can make that dream come true.

So, what are you waiting for? Your bathroom will not be getting any better, and your property value is not rising. So help yourself out, as well as your home, and call Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodeling Company, today.

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