Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodel Team

Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodel Team

Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodel Team

Has the time come where you cannot live with your outdated bathroom anymore? While there was a time that having a pink or green toilet, shower and sink was all the rage, that is not the style anymore. So, if you are ready to start your bathroom remodel, why not use Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodel Team?

Lyon Construction works with residential and commercial Tulsa residence to build them the bathroom of their dreams. With our excellent service, and customized service to each customer, it’s no wonder we have become Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodel Team.

No matter what your current bathroom looks like, or lack thereof, Lyon Construction is always happy to help consult and assist you on achieving your bathroom dreams. We have completed a variety of bathroom styles, that all maximize space, without sacrificing the new features you are looking for.

Lyon Construction Bathroom Remodels

When it comes to how Lyon Construction does bathroom remodels, it all comes down to four simple checkmarks. Those checkmarks are, use of high-quality material, meeting the customers budget, the finished project is sturdy and functional, and that we added value to your property.

High Quality Materials for Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to the material used on your remodel, Lyon Construction will always find materials that you want to use, and that fits into your budget and design. We can do this as we work together with some product and material suppliers, located here in Tulsa. These suppliers offer a wide range of top-quality materials that will work great in your bathroom remodel. Some of our clients’ favorite materials we give them access to is stone and granite countertops, custom wood cabinets, tiles and much, much more.

Meeting Bathroom Remodel Budget

Tulsa's #1 Bathroom Remodel Team

For many people, this is the biggest factor in starting their bathroom remodel. And while there are always things that pop up during a construction project, Lyon Construction makes it a mandate to not exceed your budget. However, if you are considering a bathroom remodel, this is one of the rooms of your house that your money will give back to you the most, for a couple of reasons. The first being that bathrooms are a necessity. The more you spend, the more functionality and style it will give back to you. And the second way your budget gives back is actually in monetary value. The more modern, as well as more function, you add to your bathroom, the more your bathroom will be worth, due to adding value. And, in many cases, the money people have spent on their remodel, the more they have gotten in return when they sell their property.

Sturdiness and Functionality

You have heard us mention this many times already, but that is because it is one of the most import parts of a bathroom. As for bathroom remodels, it is ranked just under budget for many people. And just as Lyon Construction works with your budget, we will work with you to add as much functionality as possible. Whether that means we need to knock down and move walls, relocate pipes or completely redo the layout, there is no Tulsa bathroom remodel we have not concurred.

In addition, Lyon Construction also assists you in choosing all the aspects of your bathroom. From wall color and tiles, to all of the latest construction trends, we add it all. Your property’s styling is a direct representation of you and your family or business. If your bathroom currently does not match, we make it match as a form of functionality.

And of course, no bathroom can reach its full functionality items are not installed to be sturdy. Sturdiness is key to functionality. And with all the custom bathrooms we have constructed, you can be sure everything will be installed properly and safely, to maximize sturdiness and functionality.

Adding Value

As we mentioned above, in our budget checkmark, adding value is extremely important. For many customers of ours, we have gotten them their budget back when they sold, due to the value we added to their property. This is because when you add function and design to your bathroom, a necessary room in every home, it actually raises the price of the home. Most mansions have bathrooms the size of an average bedroom, and those are sold for millions! If you don’t live in a mansion, and your bathroom is no the size of a bedroom, even updating fixtures, floor and wall coverings, and the functionality of the space, can grant you a huge return.

Lyon Construction’s Past Work

If after reading all of this, you still are not sure Lyon Construction is Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodel Team, you can check out our completed work, it talks for itself. We never leave a client feeling unsatisfied and without a huge grin on their face. Lyon Construction is a committed and experienced bathroom remodel team. And you can trust and rely on us to give you your dream bathroom. Whether that be revitalizing your current bathroom, or building you a brand new one, it will look and function amazingly. We even invite you to read our Facebook and Google reviews!

Summing It Up

Now that you have reached the end, we hope you have learned why Lyon Construction is Tulsa’s #1 Bathroom Remodel Team. We take pride in every bathroom we do, and enjoy customizing each one to match the owners. We hope that we can work with you and get to know you. If you choose us, you can be sure that we will only use the highest quality material on your remodel, that we will not exceed your budgetary limits, that everything will be installed to meet the toughest of sturdiness and functionality tests and that you are not only adding a beautiful bathroom to your space, but adding a great deal of value to your property.

You can always contact us, and we can talk about what you are wanting in your remodel. We love helping make peoples dreams come true and helping raise the Tulsa housing market one bathroom at a time.

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