Tulsa Polygal™ Installation

“Go Green with Polygal Wall and Roof Systems!”



We are a proud installer of Polygal™ in Tulsa…


and here’s a few reasons you should choose Polygal and Lyon Construction for your next project.


  1. Materials & Resources – All Polygal™ polycarbonate products are 100% recyclable.
  2. Sustainable Sites – Choose from one of our products that can block up to 100% of the UV light transmission.
  3. Energy & Atmosphere – Polygal™ polycarbonate sheets diffuse transmitted light and provide thermal insulation.
  4. Indoor Environmental Quality – With special glazings and coatings, Polygal™ can increase your LEED ratings to suit specific project requirements.
  • Polygal is “GREEN” ISO 14001 certified.
  • All of Polygal’s products are 100% recyclable and can be reground and remanufactured into countless types of consumer products.
  • Polygal sheets are produced from 100% recylable polycarbonate resin.


Tulsa Polygal Needs?


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Polygal™ Sheet | Multiwall Sheet


Polygal™ was the first multiwall sheet manufactured in 1970 and continues to be on the leading edge of structured sheet products. The Polygal™ sheets are available in double and triple layered configurations and manufactured in various colors and degrees of transparency. The advantages of Polygal™ panels and sheets are:


    • Variety of thickness, including: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 16mm, 24mm and 32mm
    • Most Polygal™ sheets are available in 48″ and 72″ widths
    • Excellent thermal insulation
    • Highly flexible, yet virtually unbreakable
    • Lightweight
    • Rigid sheet structure provides extra strength under wind and snow loads.
    • Polygal™ and Tulsa, A perfect match for our extreme weather conditions!



Polygal™ sheets feature a UV protective layer to protect against yellowing, and are covered by a 10 Year Warranty against breakage and yellowing (6 mm and higher). Recommended Uses: Covering of medium span structures where excellent thermal insulation is required. To discuss your Polygal™ options,

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