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Light Industrial Construction

Let us help you optimize your industrial space to be productive so you can work better.

Industrial construction can be very involved. It requires permits, planning, and passing a lot of codes for safety. This type of work takes construction companies that can work with local councils, companies, safety companies, etc., to ensure everything is within compliance codes. This can be a drawn-out process if you don’t have someone working on the project that knows what they are doing. You could be buried in regulations and paperwork.


Lyon Construction is experienced in light industrial construction and has successfully helped businesses create industrial spaces that are workable and efficient. We have experience working with landlords, property managers, city workers, and everyone in between. We handle everything so you can focus on your business. Our goal is always to simplify things for our clients. That is why we pride ourselves in having a wide range of experts that we work with, so we can finish the job well.

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What is Light Industrial Construction?

Light industrial construction involves the building and renovating of commercial structures, typically including warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants, with an emphasis on efficiency and optimized workflow for the occupants. This would include:


  • Loading docs and bays
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Laboratory equipment and facilities
  • Some office space
  • Multiple floors
  • Industrial machinery for light manufacturing
  • Versatility and partitions for expansion or renovation as business needs change


Whether you need a warehouse built or a current industrial space configured differently, we can partner with you and help you create an environment that allows you and your workers to work better.

How We Can Help

At Lyon Construction, our goal is to provide a smooth construction process for our clients. We focus on knowledge, expertise, partnership, and customer service. As a locally based and owned company, we have a vested interest in seeing the Tulsa community thrive with great businesses and industrial spaces working well and prospering.


Lyon Construction is proud to serve the community of Tulsa with amazing builds that are unique, functional, and well-made. We have had many successful projects over the years and continue to grow and learn to better serve our clients. If you are needing a light industrial construction project done, contact us today! We would be happy to go over plans and ideas with you. Our motto is “better.” Our promise to you is that whatever project you entrust us with, it will be better than before and even better than you imagined.

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