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We keep the future in mind with all of our builds. Let us help you plan your future — better.

Lyon Construction works with business owners to help build franchise locations quickly and efficiently. Franchise construction is a specialty that not all contractors or construction companies can tackle. It takes precision, efficiency, and the ability to replicate a building accurately. Here at Lyon Construction, we pride ourselves on having all the tools and experience needed to complete a job with accuracy and timeliness.


Owning a franchise can be a very lucrative business and can grow into more opportunities. We have helped franchise owners build several locations as their business grows. We ensure every build makes sense for the area and needs and is cohesive with previous builds. Let Lyon Construction do the work, so figuring out who will build your franchise locations can be one less thing you have to worry about.

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A lot goes into constructing a franchise location. Designs have to be made, permits have to be gotten, sites have to be prepped, and buildings have to be constructed. Here at Lyon Construction, we are able to accomplish all of these stages. Our team of construction workers, builders, and project managers are equipped with the experience to handle the entire construction process.


Many times, when you are building franchise locations, there can be a lot of red tapes and a lot of approvals. Having one construction company that handles every aspect of the job site makes sense. We can help you plan, build, and/or repair your franchise location to match what you envision. It is our privilege to be able to walk alongside local business owners and help be a part of their successes.

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Our team of professionals is highly experienced in construction and has an unmatched track record of success and figuring out the best way to construct. Lyon Construction does it all, but our thrust is helping Tulsa business owners have a space they can thrive in. We believe in the power of partnership. Lyon Construction has access to resources that enable it to deliver a wide-range of services unparalleled in Tulsa. This team-based approach has helped them perform and deliver on projects as well as do some extraordinary things.


It’s simple. Trust builds teamwork. And trust drives Lyon Construction. We bring this trust to everyone we touch on any Tulsa franchise construction project, from architects to subcontractors to suppliers and, most importantly, to our clients.

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