Tulsa Commercial Remodeling

Commerical Spacial Reasoning

The commercial building industry is a dynamic and ever-changing one, requiring businesses to change with it. Tulsa commercial remodeling has been on the rise as business owners aim to attract new customers, expand their services and create a more comfortable environment for their employees.


Remodeling may not be necessary from time to time, but if your building is past its prime or needs infrastructure updates it could be the best option for you. To help you determine how much work needs to be done and whether now is the right time for renovations, here are some of the things that can affect your business’s bottom line.

Reasons To Remodel


Infrastructure Updates – Your business relies on a lot of different distributors to properly – phone lines, water lines, electrical lines, etc. – but it’s important to make sure that they are all working properly and can fulfill their intended purpose without a hitch. If a distributor is not giving you the service you need or has become defective over time, you may have to replace it altogether with a newer model – which can be costly – or purchase new parts to fix the older one.


Making space for additional equipment – If your business is growing, either by opening up a second location or adding more services that require specific tools, then you will likely need renovations to allow for these additional items. For example, if you just added an industrial kitchen, then your wiring might need some updates so that everything runs smoothly and safely from day today.


New technology – Sometimes a business owner can identify a problem in his or her company but doesn’t know how to fix it. This is where your employees come in, as they are the ones using equipment and interacting with distributors daily. They may be able to recommend a better system that will improve productivity and reduce what could potentially cost thousands of dollars each year.


Transform an image – Many business owners aim to add renovations so that their building looks more modern and fresh than it does currently, which can attract new customers who would rather choose them over other companies for various services. Of course, if you want to look professional and current there should also be an effort made toward improving your interior and making sure that the space is up to date through commercial remodeling in Tulsa.


Change of scenery – Some business owners become bored with the way things look and want an instant facelift, but this can also be a costly endeavor depending on what you need to do to change it up. Renovating your building may require an overhaul that will take months or weeks before everything is back up and running as usual, so if possible hold off until there’s a pressing reason for a change.


According to the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, each year over $8 million is spent on commercial renovations in city limits alone. Business owners in Tulsa are taking care of business!  Call us at Lyon Construction today to set up an appointment at 918-760-2274!