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Remodeling is a dirty word for most people. After all, who wants to go through the disruption of their daily routine along with the potential stress involved? Not only that, but you’ve got to put up with construction messes and noise coming from your place of business or home.  However, there are times when remodeling is necessary. Remodeling your business is an important decision.

Streamline Your Workflow

If you’re running a business in the state of Tulsa, OK, Lyon Construction can help create an attractive Tulsa business remodel that won’t cost much at all. Any time you construct something new it will almost always be more expensive than simply adding to an existing building, which means less costly labor and materials. Lyon provides design services as well as complete renovations for businesses in Tulsa, OK. Their team of experts is ready to help you develop a new strategy for your business’s future by renovating areas of your building that are either outdated or simply no longer suited to the needs of your company. Lyon has been remodeling buildings since 1989 and can save you money regardless of the time frame involved. They also provide blueprints for any renovations they make, which means less hassle overall.

Clean, Focused Vision

Once we’ve reached an agreement on our plans, we can get started on making them a reality by renovating everything from the flooring to the ceiling. Our team of designers will create just the right atmosphere for your business with gorgeous business remodeling in Tulsa including sleek flooring, modern lighting, ergonomic furniture, cozy booths or tables and chairs, and more! Whether you want wood paneling or contemporary fixtures to re-invigorate your establishment’s look, we can accommodate all types of styles so you get exactly what you want.  Having designed new homes all over Oklahoma, Lyon knows what it takes to make one look beautiful and function properly as well, leading to better resale value. Lyon’s team will work with you to come up with a budget and design for your home that makes the necessary improvements without spending too much money.  They’ll help you pick out things like new flooring, roofs, windows, and doors as well as paint and plumbing fixtures that suit your tastes and needs perfectly.


Operating in Tulsa since 1989 Lyon Construction can handle any project no matter how small, including those which only require one day of construction at most. Call us at 918-760-2274 to set up an appointment today!

Customer Remodeling Reviews:

“Lyon was very accommodating when we needed them, even helping us save on some costs by offering suggestions for different types of materials.” -Tanner Smith


“We were so pleased with Lyon’s renovation of our garage!   Lyon did such a wonderful job that we’re having Lyon transform our kitchen and bathrooms this summer!”- Will & Elizabeth Lawson


Call Lyon today for more information on their services.  Their friendly staff will be happy to help you get started with your remodeling project in Tulsa, OK . Lyon can provide free quotes for any proposed renovations in the state of Oklahoma.