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Our Tulsa bathroom remodel team knows that there are tons of easy ways to increase both the value and livability of your home. Doing things like adding a new door or adding an additional bathroom are bound to attract potential buyers in the future. While there are many ways to increase the value of your home, our Tulsa bathroom remodel team also knows some of the ways that homes go down in value. Here are a few of the things we’ve learned over the years:

Tulsa Bathroom Remodel

Swimming Pools.

Believe or not, that seemingly luxurious addition to your home can be a big red flag to many potential buyers, thus lowering the overall value of the home. Our Tulsa bathroom remodel team knows that pools add extra expenses in a number of different ways. The monthly water bill will be exponentially higher due to the vast quantity of water it takes to fill up a pool. In addition, our Tulsa bathroom remodel team knows that insurance cost will oftentimes be much more expensive when there is a pool involved. Insurance companies are concerned about all of the potential safety hazards that a pool imposes on both a home and the homeowners. So before you spend the thousands of dollars it takes to install and maintain a pool, our Tulsa bathroom remodel team highly recommends making sure that you are prepared to live with the consequences, for better or worse.

No Garage or Single Car Garage.

In this day and age, people have stuff. And lots of it. From seasonal home decor to sports equipment and bicycles, people often depend up the extra space that a two car garage can offer. Because of this, a lot of buyers will shy away from homes without garages or limited garage space and look rather to homes that can fully accommodate their storage needs. If you are thinking about doing a garage addition, our Tulsa bathroom remodel team suggests that going bigger is better. By doing so, you will widen your market and increase your potential buyer pool substantially. Plus, if you plan on living in the home for the foreseeable future, a larger garage can go a long way in increasing the livability of your home.

Two-Story Homes.

This one often surprises people, but our Tulsa bathroom remodel team has seen that not everyone loves the idea of a two-story home. Two-story homes, while nice because of the additional square footage, come with a number of unwanted challenges that families with toddlers or elderly members would rather not have to deal with. A large ranch style home can be a much better option because of its easy accessibility for everyone. If you do have a two-story home already, our Tulsa bathroom remodel team recommends adding an electronic assist seat to staircases and ensuring that there are plenty of railings suited for young children. You’ll also want to make sure that baby gates can easily be installed at the tops and bottoms of staircases. By doing these things, you’ll hopefully win back some of the buyers that you might otherwise lose. Our Tulsa bathroom remodel team are professionals at all kinds of home renovations, and we’d be more than happy to help you make your home more accessible!

Unappealing School District.

Families with children are thinking about more than the property itself when they are selecting a home. Our Tulsa bathroom remodel team know that you will also want to take into consideration the condition of the schools in the local area. Being in a great school district is a high priority amongst buyers, so this bit of due diligence before buying or renovating a home is especially important. Being in a bad school district will drive the value of your property down and hurt its resale value. Our Tulsa bathroom remodel team is adamant about doing research into this before committing to a new home. If you have any concerns about this, our Tulsa bathroom remodel team is happy to offer their input.

Poor Home Positioning.

Homes that are positioned at the ends of cul-de-sacs can at times be a red flag to those that are looking for a quiet and serene home life. While cul-de-sacs aren’t always busy, they can be a problem if you live on a larger street where all of your neighbors constantly use it turn around. At night, having a cul-de-sac by your home means that headlights will frequently shine through your windows. This might not bother some people, but to others, it can be a real disturbance. Cul-de-sacs are also a favorite gathering place of children because of the large open space. If you don’t mind hearing basketballs and the headlights and noise of cars at night, then a cul-de-sac should be fine. Similar to cul-de-sacs are t-intersections. If your home is positioned at the tip of one of these, you can expect much the same kind of disturbances as you would if you were in a cul-de-sac. Our Tulsa bathroom remodel team encourages you to make sure that your property doesn’t have or develop any quirks that future buyers kind find as a nuisance.

Noise Pollution.

There are some people that might really like the idea of being as close as possible to the nearest interstate entrance, train station, or airport. But most people prefer having a little bit more distance between their homes and loud transportation hubs. In addition to the constant noise that these locations are bound to have, you’ll also have to deal with poorer air quality and the potential for extremely high traffic at peak times. If you are even slightly fond of a quieter life, then you’ll shy away from a home located in such an area. Our Tulsa bathroom remodel team encourage you to find or invest in a home that is in a quieter location that is decently removed from major transportation areas. This will draw more buyers to the property, thus resulting in a higher resale price.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips! If you’re in the market for a remodel of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact our Tulsa bathroom remodel team!


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