Lyon Construction | Residential Remodel Tulsa

Lyon Construction | Residential Remodel Tulsa

Lyon Construction | Residential Remodel Tulsa

Do you have an older home needing a renovation or remodel? Are you tired of living in an old space, dreaming of a modern environment? Well, you don’t have to wait anymore, contact your Residential Remodel Tulsa construction company today so you can be living in luxury.



What a Residential Remodel Tulsa Service Can do for You

A Residential Remodel Tulsa construction company can transform your old, shabby home into a brand new, bright house you would love to invite your friends and family too. All it takes is a little elbow grease and some power tools and you’ll have a home that’s Pinterest ready. But before you can start taking photos and getting those likes, here are the steps that will need to be taken.


Step One: Before conducting any remodel, you need to have a set design or plan in mind. Having this plan ensures that your remodel will be cheaper and less frustrating when it comes to correcting mistakes or fixing unseen problems.

Step Two:  Consider if it’s a good time to look into replacing or repairing your roof, foundation, siding, and windows. Making sure these are all properly working and up to code will ensure that your renovation will not go poorly and cost you more in the long run in terms of weather damage.

Step Three: Now that all plants have come into place, it is time to swing! That’s right, it’s demolition time. Tear down anything and everything that you don’t need or want to salvage for the remodel, as well as a recycling object that can be recycled. For recycling information, check your city listings.

Step Four: Now that everything has been torn down, it’s time to build up. This process includes constructing walls, putting in windows or replacing them, adding support structures like beams and removing or installing doors. During this step, all heat and air ductwork, electrical and plumbing needs to be done, as well as adding insulation, before closing up the walls.

Step Five: Add Drywall, mud it, and sand it. After drywall has been put up, if windows were not previously put in, they can be put in now.

Step Six: This is when you paint, add baseboards, molding, and trim around the lower and upper part of the walls, as well as doors and windows. You could also install built in elements such as bookcases and entertainment centers.

Step Seven: Can’t forget about the floor! Now that the walls are all installed, you can install flooring to match your newly designed home.

Step Eight: This is where you add the final touches and all the furnishings for your new space.

Step Nine: And lastly, enjoy your new space and invite over friends and family. And don’t forget, share the pictures!


Residential Remodel Tulsa

Residential Remodel Tulsa | Lyon Construction

 Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Lyon Construction is one of Tulsa County’s premier construction companies. Mr. Lyon and his teams of professionals are highly experienced and enjoy the challenge to construct unique projects. Lyon Construction does it all: new construction as well as renovations and restorations.


The Residential Remodel Tulsa company has access to resources that enables them to deliver a wide-range of services, unparalleled in Tulsa within the residential building process. They work within the framework of a team-based approach which has helped them do some extraordinary things when it comes to construction and Tulsa residential remodeling project management. If you ever find yourself in need of  a Tulsa Lawyer in the midst of a remodel project, we encourage you to get professional assistance.



Residential Remodel Tulsa Services

If you are looking to remodel or build any room in your home, give Lyon Construction a call today! As residential construction professionals, they will treat your property with great care and will suit their services and schedule to fit your needs. Lyon Construction’s workers specialize in many areas of construction, so no matter the Residential Remodel Tulsa project, they will deliver your dream.



So, don’t hesitate, contact Lyon Construction, the Residential Remodel Tulsa contractors today!


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