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Bathroom Remodel Tulsa | Lyon Construction

Bathroom Remodel Tulsa

Are you in need of a Bathroom Remodel Tulsa? Are you planning a Bathroom Remodel Tulsa? Do you need a Bathroom Remodel Tulsa? Does your old bathroom need a Bathroom Remodel Tulsa? Are you looking to upgrade your Bathroom Remodel Tulsa? Do you need help with your Bathroom Remodel Tulsa?


Bathroom Remodel Tulsa Steps

Every Bathroom Remodel Tulsa has the same steps to bring your dream throne room to life.  And every step begins with making a plan. The first step to any Bathroom Remodel Tulsa is to set your budget. That budget should include items such as materials, labor costs, and a cushion for any unplanned fixes or errors. After you plan and before that sledgehammer starts swinging, it is vital to the success of your Bathroom Remodel Tulsa that you take before pictures. Let’s be honest, if there are no before and after photos, did you really have a Bathroom Remodel Tulsa?

So now that you have half of your proof of Bathroom Remodel Tulsa, it’s time to start demoing. Demoing can be done by either the owner, to save some money in the budget, or can be done by the Bathroom Remodel Tulsa specialists. But remember, if you are wanting to save some money, only demo the necessary items. Cabinet bases, sinks, toilets, and shower/tubs can be saved and re-finished, which will save you a great deal in your budget.

After all demo has been complete, it is the time to run and fix any of the plumbing. To do this step properly, hire a Bathroom Remodel Tulsa specialist. If this step is done improperly it will cost you much money in the future due to water leaks and damage, and redoing floors and falls, if not more. So be safe, spend the little extra upfront and save a load in the future by hiring a Bathroom Remodel Tulsa.

Now that all plumbing has been complete, it is time to begin the tiling and painting process of your Bathroom Remodel Tulsa. Bathroom Remodel Tulsa While this job can be completed in a Do It Yourself manner, many choose to use Bathroom Remodel Tulsa specialists to ensure accuracy when laying the tiles as it is easy to miss align types of tiles.

And now for the fun to begin, start installing appliances and fixtures. This step is what starts bringing the entire Bathroom Remodel Tulsa together. Now, if you kept the lighting in the same places, installing light fixtures is easy. However, if you moved where the lighting is, electrical should have been ran in the step with plumbing. But with the lights on, now you can install your sinks, toilets, and some showers and tubs that sit above the floor. If they sit in the floor, they should be installed prior to tiling.

After all appliances and fixtures are install, it’s time to decorate your Bathroom Remodel Tulsa. This is the cherry on top, the piece of résistance, the bow on top of the gift box. This step ties everything together and completes your dream Bathroom Remodel Tulsa. But you can’t enjoy it quite yet. There is still one more thing to do.

That’s right, you guessed it. It’s time for that after photo. That photo you post on all your social medias to show off your new Bathroom Remodel Tulsa. And don’t forget, include that before photo from step one so people can see just how far that Bathroom Remodel Tulsa has come. And then lastly, now you can enjoy your new Bathroom Remodel Tulsa.


Lyon Construction Bathroom Remodel Tulsa

If you are looking to remodel or build any room in your home or office, give Lyon Construction a call today! As commercial and residential construction professionals, we will treat your property with great care and we will suit our services and schedule to fit your needs. We are the company you need to call to get your job done.

Whatever your reasons for your bathroom remodel in Tulsa, Lyon Construction will be privileged to consult with you and assist you determining a new restyle that will bring your vision bathroom into a reality.  Lyon Construction wants to help you to successfully maximize the bathroom space you have available to make your fresh redesigned bathroom as well-organized and practical as possible, while giving you the features and materials you want.  Lyon Construction is Tulsa’s choice for bathroom remodeling.


Bathroom Remodel Tulsa High Quality Materials

Lyon Construction will always find the materials you want to use for your bathroom remodeling project that fits your budget and design.  We work together with some product and material suppliers in the Tulsa area that are able to offer a wide range of top-quality materials that we’ll need to complete your bathroom remodeling job in Tulsa. From stone countertops to granite countertops, custom wood cabinets, tiles and much more, Lyon Construction will be there to assist anyone in finding exactly what they are looking for to make sure the preferred bathroom project is a true success.


Bathroom Remodel Tulsa Budget

Many homeowners spend a lot of their budget on bathroom remodeling with good reason: bathrooms are a necessity and can also assist your style and functionality in your home.  A noteworthy portion of costs within a bathroom remodeling job typically can be recovered because of the added value the bathroom remodeling project may bring to your home.


Bathroom Remodel Tulsa Adding Value

Odds are Lyon Construction does not have to sell you on the value of a bathroom remodeling project in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Bathroom remodels usually add value to any house along with adding convenience to any life style.  But why should you trust Lyon Construction precisely to handle your bathroom remodel?


The answer is simple: we are one of a few licensed contractors in Tulsa that reliably delivers a convenient, productive and beautiful remodeling experience to all of our clients; please read our Facebook and Google reviews. Here is what we do for our clients from start to finish:


For more information on the go to Bathroom Remodel Tulsa specialist, contact Lyon Construction here.

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